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Nectarine trees


Trees of nectarine chaldezi 2020 represent a very common variety, nectarine with white flesh, exceptional yield and attractive intense red fruit.

It gives birth in mid-August.

Rootstock: Vineyard peach


Nectarine kaldezi 2000 is the most represented variety, nectarine with white flesh, exceptional fertility and attractive fruit. It was created in the USA. The fruit is medium to very large, uniform. The flesh is yellow with a fine texture, juicy and tasty, it is considered the best type of nectarine.
It comes into fruit in mid-July.

Rootstock: Vineyard Peach


Fantasia is a standard variety of late-term nectarine
maturation. The flesh is yellow in color, with an aromatic taste.
Pollinator variety is not required.
It comes into fruition at the end of July
Rootstock: Vineyard peach