Blackberry seedlings grow luxuriantly and produce four to five shoots. They have great resistance to pests, diseases and low temperatures. This variety of blackberry is very fertile and gives a very large fruit of about 9 grams, which is elongated and very black. The fruits arrive for picking in mid-July.

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Josta seedlings (thorny gooseberries) were created by crossing gooseberries and black currants. I prefer oval fruits weighing about 3 grams that have a sour taste and the fruits can be eaten fresh. The fruits are picked in the first half of July. It is very rich in vitamin C and many other vitamins and minerals. It begins to give birth in the third year.

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Cranberry seedlings grow as a deciduous evergreen shrub whose fruits are used for medicinal purposes or as a dietary supplement. Cranberry seedlings prefer acidic soil (4-5 pH), and the planting distance is 25 to 30 cm between plants with 90 to 100 cm regular spacing.

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