The grains are large, slightly elongated with a yellow-green skin. Cluster of medium size or large, usually conical in shape. The weight of the bunch varies from 250 to 300 g.
Very yielding variety, grape yield varies from 18 – 20 000 kg / ha.
The sugar content in grape juice is from 17 to 19%, and the total acids from 6 to 7 g / l.

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A very early table variety created in Radmilovac, by crossing the Muscat Otonel and Queen of Vineyards varieties.

The berries are medium-sized or large, round with a yellow-green skin. cluster of medium size or large, cylindrical – conical shape. The weight of the bunch varies from 120 to 290 g.

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The variety was selected in California (USA). There are no other synonyms. It is very common in all vineyards of Serbia and Montenegro.
It is characterized by a very lush vine, has a hermaphroditic flower, fertilization is somewhat weaker if there is a rainy period during flowering.

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Variety created in Moldova at the Institute of Viticulture in Chisinau and introduced in Italy through Vivai Cooperativi Rauscedo. Cluster medium – large, chest weight almost 600 gr., Conical – pyramidal shape, sometimes winged, loose with a thick stalk, medium long, green semi – woody. Medium grain – large with an average weight of about 6 gr. egg-shaped, skin blue-black, taste neutral, seeds per berry 1-2.

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Victoria was created by crossing at the Institute for Horticultural Research in Romania by crossing the varieties Cardinal and Afus Ali. The variety spread quickly in Romania, and after some time it was accepted by many winegrowers in Greece, especially in the wine-growing zones of Kavala and Calcidica.

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The variety was created by M. Palieri in Velletra by crossing the varieties l’Alphonse Lavallée and Red Malaga.
Cluster large, cylindrical – pyramidal, winged, quite loose, medium weight 800 g, grain quite large, oval or flat, medium resistant, skin with abundant mask,

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