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Walnut seedlings


Walnut seedlings. domestic seedlings ripen in early September.

Substrate: Own substrate


Champion walnut seedlings are a lush and very fertile variety. It is resistant to disease. The fruit is about 14g, the core is light in color and contains 67% oil. The core content is about 58%. It ripens very early.

Substrate: Wild walnut


The fruit of the walnut seedling. shane is medium-sized about 12 g, egg-shaped, thin and easily breakable shell.

Substrate: Wild walnut


Gasenheim 139 walnut seedlings are a West German variety of shorter vegetation, the tree is medium lush and native, female flowers bloom first, the fruit is medium-sized 12-13 g, bright and quite smooth shell, due to good frost resistance it can be successfully grown in colder regions.

Substrate: Wild walnut


Walnut seedlings of racial fruits are large (about 14g), slightly conical in shape with a very high quality core. The core yield is about 52%. It ripens very early.

Substrate: Wild walnut


Black walnut seedlings are native to North America. The wood of this walnut is of very high quality and reaches up to 30% higher price than ordinary walnut wood. The fruit is inedible and the peel of the fruit is used in alternative medicine. It is very resistant to frost and thrives on all types of soil. It can be planted within 3 × 3 meters to keep the trees as few branches as possible. It is recommended to remove branches up to 3 meters in height.