About us

Our fruit nursery is located in the municipality of Krusevac. Our fruit nursery has been producing fruit seedlings and vine cuttings for more than 20 years. Every year we achieve success in both production and sales, which has contributed to our growth into one of the largest and most reliable fruit nurseries. This year we have produced 90,000 seedlings for you. We entered this project with a sincere desire to meet our customers to the maximum in terms of quality and accuracy of planting material, as well as kindness and understanding. The entire production is controlled by the competent professional services, which regularly visit the plantations. All planting material has a valid certificate of the Ministry of Agriculture on varietal purity and a valid health certificate. Our seedlings are 100% healthy, of excellent quality, and the relationship with our customers is absolutely based on long-term trust. So discover the true beauty of shopping with us and save your money. Many experienced and great fruit growers from all parts of Serbia are our long-term clients. According to them, it pays much more to buy a healthy and quality seedling at a real price, because fruit growing is specific in that it is invested for many years and waits for the first profit. All our customers always come back to us with a smile, trust and great satisfaction.
We can also boast a large number of pre-contracted orders for fruit seedlings for the huge orchard systems that we are able to meet because we produce over 150,000 different types of rootstocks every year. Therefore, if you are planning to plant larger plantations, it is very important that you contact us in time so that we can agree on specific cooperation, whether it is the production of knip seedlings, formed annual seedlings with temporary branches or classic seedlings.

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