A very early table variety created in Radmilovac, by crossing the Muscat Otonel and Queen of Vineyards varieties.

The berries are medium-sized or large, round with a yellow-green skin. cluster of medium size or large, cylindrical – conical shape. The weight of the bunch varies from 120 to 290 g.
It is a yielding variety, the yield varies from 10 – 15 000 kg / ha. Pruning is performed mixed arches are left on 8 – 10 buds, and condiments for replacement on 2 buds.
Moderately resistant to fungal diseases.
Shira contains 16 to 18.5% of sugars and 6.5 to 7.5 g / l of total acids. The grapes are very pleasant to eat, with a nutmeg taste. The meat is crispy, the grapes tolerate transport very well.

Maturation period: mid-July

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