It is a great advantage when fruit seedlings are planted in the fall or early spring, thus giving the seedlings more time to receive. In autumn, the choice of fruit seedlings is much larger. When planting larger plantations, ask which type and variety of seedlings work best for you and don’t forget to test the soil for acidity. Prepare the herb by deep plowing and then chopping the soil. It is recommended that the planting holes be dug a few days before planting. Also, if you are planting fruit seedlings on uncultivated land, it is important to dig deeper and wider holes and then return the chopped soil to the hole and only then plant the seedling. Because if you plant a seedling in small holes on uncultivated land, there is a high probability that the root of the plant will not be able to go deep and then it will develop on the surface of the soil, which is not good because the root can be damaged during machining. .
Before planting, first cut the tips of the veins and then shorten the seedling to at least 80 cm from the grafted place, then dig a hole in which to plant the seedling, when planting be careful not to cover the grafted place with soil. When you plant a seedling, be sure to coat the top with paraffin or fruit wax to make the seedling easier to receive. Never put manure around the seedling as it is too strong and can damage and not accept the seedling. It is enough to put one handful of artificial fertilizer around the planted seedling. After planting, water the soil around the seedlings well.

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