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Apple trees

Apple trees

For the 2023/24 season, we have prepared a modern assortment of apple trees varieties.

Super Chief, Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, Red Chief, Idared, Red Delicious and many more varieties. Some varieties are grafted on several substrates. For larger quantities, it is possible to negotiate the price and transport. Also, all seedlings have been inspected by the competent agricultural service and have a certificate. The delivery season begins on November 15. Below you can see descriptions of some other apple seedlings.


Golden delicious is one of the highest quality varieties of apples. The fruit weighs 150-250 g. Sweet ulus with a typical aroma for this variety. The color at harvest time is green-yellow, and later turns golden-yellow.

It is harvested at the end of September.

Rootstock: M-9 M-26 MM-106


The Gala apple is an extremely attractive variety of apple, striking red in color with vertical patterns of yellow stripes. It is one of the esteemed summer varieties. It is a fruit with yellowish flesh, sweet and juicy taste.

It is harvested in mid-September.

Rootstock: M-9 M-26 MM-106


The characteristic of the fruit of the red chief apple fruit seedling is a very elongated fruit, of equal coverage with an attractive red color. The flesh of the fruit is greenish-white, crispy with a very pleasant taste.

It is harvested in mid-October.

Rootstock: M-9 M-26 MM-106


Granny Smith apple seedlings are an extremely valued Australian variety, the fruit is very large from 200 to 250 g. of regular round shape, distinctly green in color. The taste is refreshing, quite sour and juicy. . It is extremely well kept.

It is harvested in the second half of October.

Rootstock: M-9 M-26 MM-106


The idared apple is the most common apple variety in our country, the fruit is large, flattened and slightly ribbed, red in color. A variety that is extremely well preserved both in ordinary warehouses and in modern refrigerators.

It is harvested at the end of September.

Rootstock: M-9, M-26


Budimka apple is of domestic origin, the fruits are large and slightly acidic, they are harvested in the second half of October. Resistant to frost, very sensitive to drought. It belongs to the older varieties of apples.


Sumatovka apple seedlings are an older variety of apple. The fruit has an elongated shape weighing about 60 grams, which ripens in late October. Seedlings of this apple are very resistant to soot scab and do not require much treatment with preparations during the year. The fruit has a sour and refreshing taste.


Cake apple trees give a green-red fruit of medium-sized flat shape weighing about 150 grams. The fruit has a sour taste and ripens in mid-October. It is resistant to frost and very sensitive to sooty scab. The tree is very lush and has a long lifespan. It belongs to the older varieties of apples.


Jonagold apple is a very native variety of apple, the color of the fruit is green-yellow with a complementary striped red color, excellent aroma and quality, sweet and sour taste. If we want to keep it longer, the fruits must be harvested greener.

It is harvested at the end of September.

Rootstock: M-9 M-26 MM-106


Gloucester apple trees originate from Germany. Gloucester was created in 1951 by crossing the varieties Glockenapfel and Richareda, and was introduced into production in 1969.

Fruit characteristics: The fruit is large to very large, fringed conical in shape.

Color: Basic light green, and the complement is uniform red.

Taste: Sweet-slightly sour aromatic taste.
Ripening time: In the second half of September.
Storage time: From September to the end of March.

Rootstock: M-9 M-26 M-106