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Apricot trees


It gives birth in the second half of July. The fruit is large, weighing about 50 g. It is easily separated from the stone, the flesh is orange in color, with a sweet taste. It is quite resistant to low temperatures during flowering, and during the winter itself. It is a self-fertile variety.

Rootstock: Dzanarika


New Jersey is an American selection that matures in our country during the second decade of June and the beginning of July. It has an excellent yield and very high quality fruits, the fruits themselves fall off a lot before ripening.
The fruit is large, round, the skin is yellow, the flesh is of medium firmness, golden yellow in color, sweet and sour, and it is very easy to separate from the stone. This variety, despite its shortcomings, is very popular among growers who plant it because its fruits reach a high price on the market.

Rootstock: Dzanarika


Kechmet rose is a late variety of apricot. It ripens in the second half of July. It is late flowering, so it often avoids late spring frosts. The fruit is medium-sized (from 40g to 50g). The meat is extremely juicy, has a pleasant taste and separates well from the stone.
The epidermis is smooth, orange in color. She is very grateful for the industrial processing.

Rootstock: Dzanarika


Apricot Novi Sad native was created by selection from the natural population in 1987. The tree is medium lush, with a round to broad-rounded crown. It bears mostly on mixed native branches. It has brittle branches. It is a very fertile variety and when it regenerates, the branches break, which is why the fertility should be regulated by pruning.
It blooms late, 2-4 days after Hungary’s best.
The fruit is medium to large, elongated-round in shape, slightly flattened on the side, light orange in color, with a blush on 25-35% of the fruit. The flesh is orange, aromatic, very tasty and easily separated from the stone.

Rootstock: Dzanarika


Roxane apricot trees give very large fruits averaging 70g, elongated shape, orange in color with intense redness. The meat is firm, very tasty. Attractive for the market, great for eating and processing. It blooms late.
The ripening time is the end of the VII and the beginning of the VIII month

Rootstock: Dzanarika