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Sale of fruit trees and grafted vine Serbia

We are very experienced in the production of fruit trees and grafted vines as well as rose seedlings. Our fruit nursery is located in the municipality of Krusevac in the central part of Serbia. The nursery is export-oriented, our goal is to attract as many clients as possible from EU countries, CIS countries and North Africa. Over the course of thirty-six years, through innovation and hard work, we managed to win the trust of customers both in the domestic and foreign markets, which contributed to our growth into one of the largest and most innovative fruit nurseries. If you have any questions or want to place an order, feel free to contact us at:

Fruit trees

Grafted vines

Columnar and mini seedlings

We have been producing premium fruit trees and grafted vines for decades. Our passion for this business and many years of experience make us one of the biggest experts in the field of production and sale of  fruit trees. Our main mission is to provide you with quality  fruit trees that will enable you to grow fruit successfully and fruitfully. We use advanced techniques and carefully select only the best varieties, so that you have the best results in your orchard or vineyard. Our team of experts with extensive knowledge and experience is dedicated to production, providing  fruit trees with optimal conditions for growth and development. We pay special attention to every step of production, from seed selection to the final  fruit trees. The uniqueness of our nursery lies in the fact that we are fully committed to the preservation of traditional varieties, but also to the research of new varieties that can adapt to different climatic conditions. We believe in the importance of preserving genetic diversity and work to preserve old varieties that are part of our cultural heritage. In addition to the production of fruit seedlings, we also provide you with expert advice and support regarding fruit growing. Our team of experts will be happy to answer all your questions and help you achieve the best results in your orchard. We believe that the quality of our seedlings is key to your success, and that's why we strive to provide you with only the best. Our dedication and expertise make us a leader in this industry, and satisfied clients are our best recommendation. See for yourself our expertise and the quality of our products. Contact us and visit our nursery!

We entered this project with a sincere desire to meet our customers as much as possible in terms of quality and accuracy of planting material, as well as kindness and understanding. The entire production passes the control of the competent professional services, which regularly tour the production. All planting material has a valid certificate of varietal purity from the Ministry of Agriculture and a valid health certificate. Our  fruit trees are 100% healthy, of excellent quality, and the relationship with our customers is absolutely based on long-term trust. All our customers always come back to us with a smile, trust and great satisfaction.
We can also boast of a large number of pre-contracted orders for fruit  trees for large orchard systems, which we are able to fulfill because we produce over 150,000 different types of rootstock every year. Therefore, if you are planning to plant larger plants, it is very important that you contact us in time so that we can agree on specific cooperation, whether it is the production of knip  fruit trees , formed one-year  fruit trees with premature branches or classic stick seedlings. We are most proud of the production of apple fruit trees I pears.

One-year pear fruit trees during production

Apple seedlings on the substrate m-9 with a well-developed root system and branches

Last year alone, we managed to export 150,000 fruit trees as well as 50,000 packed roses to EU countries and Central Asian countries.

Exported fruit trees
Packed roses

The seedlings are packed so that they cannot dry out or be damaged in bags with substrate or in stretched pallets. We also provide and organize professional packing of fruit seedlings and rose seedlings in suitable packaging and suitable pallets.

Fruit trees packed in bags with substrate

Fruit trees ready for transport

Rose seedlings with three strong branches packed in moist substrate

Sadnice ruža spakovane u palete  i spremne za transport

Rose seedlings packed in pallets and ready for transport

What we guarantee to current customers and can guarantee to future customers is that we do not use chemicals for weed control in the process of producing seedlings, which can greatly increase the percentage of acceptance after planting fruit seedlings. All the standards and terms of storage of seedlings were also observed.

Examples of manual cultivation and tillage in the production of fruit seedlings in the Agro Projekt nursery

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    When is the best time to plant fruit trees?

    It is a great advantage when fruit trees are planted in autumn or early spring, in this way we give the  fruit trees more time to take root. In autumn, the selection of fruit seedlings is much larger. When planting larger plants, ask which type and variety of seedlings grow best in your area and don't forget to test the soil for acidity.

    How to plant a trees?

    Prepare the lawn by deep plowing and then compacting the soil. It is recommended that the planting holes are dug a few days before planting. Also, if you plant fruit trees on uncultivated land, it is important to dig deeper and wider holes and then return the crushed soil to the hole and only then plant the seedling. Because if you plant a seedling in small holes on uncultivated land, there is a high probability that the roots of the plant will not be able to go deep, and then it will develop on the surface of the soil, which is not good because during machine processing, the roots may be damaged, and this type of tree is also resistant to drought. .
    Before planting, first cut the tips of the veins and then shorten the  fruit trees to at least 80 cm from the grafted place, then dig a hole in which you will plant the seedling, when planting, be careful not to cover the grafted place with soil. When you plant the seedling, be sure to coat its top with paraffin or fruit wax to make it easier to receive the  fruit trees. Never put manure around the  fruit trees because it is too strong and can damage and not accept the seedling. It is enough to put one handful of artificial fertilizer around the planted seedling. After planting, water the soil around the seedling well.

    How to plant grafted vines?

    Spring is the best time to plant vines. Before planting, cut off existing roots, this will encourage roots to grow near the plant. Soak bare-rooted plants in a bucket of water three to four hours before planting. The planting hole should be about 20 centimeters deep and 20 centimeters wide. Add soil to the center of the hole and place the bare root vine on top. Fill the rest of the hole with the remaining soil, making sure that the height of the soil is below the joint. Water immediately after planting.