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The white cherry, with its delicate beauty and refined taste, is a precious jewel among fruit trees. If you are thinking about growing this beautiful fruit, you have the opportunity to bring elegance and taste to your garden.

Why choose white cherry fruit trees?

  1. Aesthetic appeal: The white cherry tree adds elegance to your garden with its white or slightly pink flowers.
  2. Outstanding taste: White cherry fruits have a mild and sweet note that conquers the palate of fruit lovers.
  3. Variety in the orchard: By adding white cherry to your orchard, you will enrich it with a new taste and attractive appearance.

The best types of white cherry fruit trees

  1. White Cherry 'White Gold': This variety offers large, juicy fruit and excellent disease resistance.
  2. White Cherry 'Rainier': Recognized for its slightly pink hue, this variety bears sweet fruit.
  3. White cherry 'White Lady': The medium-sized fruits of this variety are juicy and have a perfect balance of sweetness and acidity.

How to grow white cherry fruit trees:

  1. Choosing the right place: Choose a sunny place with a good drainage system for planting white cherry.
  2. Soil preparation: Prepare the soil by adding organic manure to provide a nutrient medium for growth.
  3. Planting seedlings: Plant white cherry seedlings properly, following instructions for spacing and planting depth.
  4. Regular watering and care: Maintain optimal soil moisture and provide the plant with the necessary care during the growing season.

Caring for white cherry fruit trees

  • Pruning: Regular pruning encourages healthy growth and better fruit yield.
  • Protection from diseases and pests: Monitor the plant and take preventive measures to ensure healthy development and a rich harvest.

Growing white cherry trees can bring elegance and sweet fruit to your garden. Enjoy the beauty of these fruit trees and the fruits they bring!