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Fruit trees sour cherry


The tree grows strong and tall, very leafy crown, saelf-fertile variety, ripens in the first decade of July, average frost resistance and high disease resistance.The fruit is about 5.5 g in the shape of a heart, dark red in color, with a sweet and sour taste. The fruit can be used for consumer use as well as for industrial processing.
Rootstock: Magriva


Cherry trees keleris 16 originate from Denmark, its fruits ripen in the first decade of July, large, about 5 g, dark red, tasty, easy to separate from the stem..The trees are medium-tall, self-fertile varieties, indirectly susceptible to disease and cold . The match starts early and consistently with the annual abundance.

Rootstock: Magriva


Cherry Keleris 14 is a variety whose fruits ripen later, at the beginning of July. The fruit is of medium size (4-5 g). The flesh of the fruit is sour and has a pleasant aroma. The tree is of small lushness, erect crown with a lot of small fallen branches. It blooms late. She is self-fertile and of excellent fertility.

Rootstock: Magriva


The fruits of the cherry cloud seedling ripen around June 20th. It is the most widespread in Serbia and occupies more than 80% of the area. Purchase and processing conditions are fully adapted to this variety. The fruit is small, weighing in the range of 2.5 to 4 grams.

Rootstock for grafting cherries: Magriva, wild cherry, own root


Sumadinka was created at the Institute of Fruit Growing in Čačak in 1969, by crossing “kereška” and “hajman’s can”. Give birth in the second year. It requires pruning due to the pronounced stripping of the branches that have borne fruit. It has a large, dark red fruit, weighing over six grams, smooth and shiny skin. The juicy and semi-firm meat has a sour taste and a pleasant aroma. It is late ripening time.

Rootstock: Magriva


Hyman’s ruby ripens in late June. The fruit is large (5.5 g), dark red in color, of good quality, intended exclusively for processing. She gives birth regularly and abundantly every year. Branch stripping is pronounced.

Rootstock: Magriva