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Quince trees


Quince trees are very popular due to their high yields and high resistance to diseases. Vranje quince ripens in the first half of October. The fruits are large (500 – 600g), pear-shaped, golden yellow. The flesh is medium firm, sweet and sour. Self-fertile variety, used as a pollinator for Leskovac quince.

Rootstock: BA-29


The fruits of the Leskovac quince trees ripen in the first half of October. The fruits are large (300g), ball-shaped, fragrant, yellow lemon. The flesh is firm, juicy, with a sweet and sour taste. Partly self-fertile, it must be planted in combination with Vranje quince, while in larger orchards 90% of Leskovac and 10% of Vranje quince are grown, excellent for various types of processing. It is considered the highest quality and tastiest variety of quince. It is suitable for long storage.

Rootstock: BA-29