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Sweet cherry fruit trees


White cherry originated in Germany. The fruit is large on average 5 to 6 grams. It is round in shape and slightly flattened on the sides. The flesh is yellow, juicy sweet and sour taste. White cherries are ideal for making sweet cherries and other sweets.


Cherry Wound trees (Doctor) is a self-fertile Canadian variety, of medium early flowering. It ripens in the middle of the fourth week of cherry ripening. The fruit is heart-shaped, dark red in color. It tastes sweet and very juicy. It gives high yields.
Rootstock: Magriva, Wild Cherry


Stella cherry fruit trees are a standard variety of cherry. The fruit is dark red in color, with hard crispy flesh. They come into fruition in mid-July, the variety is self-fertile. It is a good pollinator, it is recommended.
Rootstock: Magriva, Wild Cherry


Van trees  give large fruit, average weight about 7g, heart-shaped, purple-red skin. Flesh firm, cartilaginous, juicy, fine taste and aroma. It ripens in the middle of VI. Tree medium lush and branched. On rainy days, the fruits crack and rot. Cherry wasp causes worming. An excellent table variety that gives birth early and gives birth regularly and abundantly. One of the rare varieties of cherries that is self-fertile, so it does not need pollinators. It is a good pollinator, it is recommended.


Fruit trees of cherry variety Hertz or Hedelfinger give fruit of medium size (7g). The fruits are heart-shaped, dark red shrimp, firm and juicy flesh. It can be used for freezing, canning or fresh use. Radja well and regularly. It is a good pollinator for other varieties, including Burlat. It ripens in mid-June.
: Wild cherry, Magriva


Sunflower cherry trees are one of the best varieties. The ripening time is in the second half of the 6th month, the fruits are extremely large (12-13 years old), spherical, red, shiny, they do not shoot in the rain. Meat firm, sweet, crispy, quality. Self-fertile and very fertile variety. Requires regular pruning.


Regina is a relatively new variety of cherry on our market. Its main characteristics are large fruit size of 25 to 28 mm (9 to 11 grams) as well as later flowering and ripening time (from mid to late June), it is more resistant to frost and tolerates well areas with heavy rainfall. The fruit is firm and large, more resistant to cracking than other varieties. The fruit can be stored in a classic refrigerator for up to two weeks and in ULO refrigerators for up to four weeks. This variety of cherry seedling originated in Germany. The fruit has a very red color and a strong red flesh color. It is very common in commercial orchards in Western Europe.


Cordia cherry fruit trees  give very large fruits (28 mm) which are heart-shaped, intensely red in color with characteristic white spots. Cordia is a relatively new commercial variety that has spread very quickly both in Western Europe and in our country. This variety has late flowering as well as the later arrival of the fruit.The fruit is moderately resistant to cracking.This variety is self-fertilized, so yato needs a pollinator such as regina or burlat.


The fruits of the burlat cherry trees ripen at the end of May. The fruits are medium-sized (6 to 8g) burgundy red in color. The meat is semi-firm, juicy, aromatic, very high quality. In terms of size, fruit quality and high yield, it belongs to the group of the best early varieties of cherries. Excellent table variety and also suitable for processing.

Rootstock: Magriva, Wild Cherry